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British Columbia Chess Federation

Welcome to the home of the BCCF on the web. Use the links above and to the far left to find a chess club to visit or a chess tournament to play in. If you'd like to know about events that have concluded, check out the BCCF Bulletin.

The British Columbia Chess Federation is a society whose purposes are:

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BCCF Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The BCCF Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Sunday, May 21 between the third and fourth rounds of the Keres Memorial, beginning around 2:30pm or thereabouts. We encourage you to come out and attend the AGM: the executive for the coming year will be elected, and there will also be opportunity to voice concerns, comments, and ideas about how organized chess is run in BC. The BCCF is your federation – it is only as strong as those involved in it. Your help is needed. Please note that anyone may attend, but voting is restricted to BCCF members (anyone who has played in a CFC-rated event in the last year, plus select TDs and organizers) aged fourteen or over.

Upcoming Chess Events

See coming events page for full details (links to websites etc.)

  • Lulu Island Rapid, Saturday, May 27, 2023, Richmond
  • BC Provincial Inter School (K1-12) Classical (CFC Rated), May 27-28
  • Penny’s Chess Club Regular CFC rated classical, June 3-4, Burnaby
  • 2023 BC Senior Championship, June 9-11, Langley
  • Fraser Valley Rapid 5 (CFC rated Rapid), Saturday, Jun 10
  • St-Jean-Baptiste Day Rapid, Saturday, June 24, Esquimalt
  • SFU Summer Open, Saturday, Sunday June 24-25, Burnaby
  • Canada Day Open, Jul 1-3, 2023, Richmond
  • BC vs Washington Match, Jul 1-3, 2023, Richmond
  • Online Grandmaster Simul, July 16, 2023
Recurring events are listed on the coming events page. There are also possibly events that dates have been set for but are still in the planning process, also on the coming events page.
What's New
  • May 25, 2023: Updates to Blenz GM Simul
  • May 19, 2023: Club updates, Bulletin 437
  • May 16, 2023: Updates to clubs and tournaments.
  • May 12, 2023: Added SFU Summer Open
  • May 2, 2023: Updated BC/WA match, 2022 AGM minutes, Bulletin 436
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